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Seven Graduate Students

Students in the University of Cincinnati's 2018 Public History Practicum partnered with the Greenhills Historical Society to design and execute a new oral history project.

Twenty-One Early Residents of Greenhills, Ohio

With the help of the Greenhills Historical Society and the Greenhills High School Alumni Organization we identified twenty-one interviewees whose families had moved to Greenhills prior to the end of World War II. Students each conducted, recorded, and transcribed three interviews with early residents of Greenhills.  All of these individuals volunteered their time to share their memories and stories of life in Greenhills. 

Together We Created New Deal Neighbors


Guided by Dr. Tracy Teslow and doctoral student Anne Delano Steinert, we partnered with the Greenhills Historical Society to collect, preserve, and learn from the stories of life in Greenhills' early years. Use the navigation bar at the top of this page to explore New Deal Neighbors.

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